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Kul Tiras (PvE)
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     ***We are currently recruiting for all aspect leaders*** update! Looking for all knowledgeable Raid GM, PvP GM and a all around WoW guru for our Questing GM Aspect leader.

What is an aspect leader you ask? Click on the "Aspects" tab on the navigation bar to find out more.
We welcome solo and team players
This is a Kul Tiras - Horde guild.
A love for playing the game qaulifies anyone to join OwO.

    If you are just wanting to belong to a guild, gain the guild perks, be social, get assistance when needed, etc, then you are more than welcome to join OWO. You play your way, as little or as much as you like without fear of being left out or kicked due to inactivity.
           OwO guild benefits (have any ideas to improve the benefits? Let Wartalon know!):
 Unique guild structure allowing for all types of play styles & commitments; no one is left out!
- Level 25 guild, (click here to check out our current guild perks)
- Guild paid gear repairs 
- 7-tab guild bank (divided up between the four guild aspects) Hunting for tab 8!
(Currently on hold due to guild inactivity)
- In game incentives for leveling, guild achievements, etc (Usually paid via in-game gold)
- Weekly Lottery and Fishing Contest (when all Aspects meet weekly guild challenges). 
(Currently on hold due to guild inactivity)                        
- Ad free Website***(Currently on hold due to guild inactivity)
- Ventrilo***
(Currently paying for a 5 slot server, will upgrade immediately when needed)
   ***Paid for by the OwO Forge GM. (but, donations will never be scoffed at) 

    The guild is divided into 4 distinct and effective groups called "Aspects". Please check out that named page tab to find out more.

There is no pressure to play a certain amount of time or join a certain Aspect; play YOUR game YOUR way, OwO is here if you need us. When first recruited into OwO, you will be in the default Aspect, "Questers".

    Please check out the rest of the site, if you think we are a good fit for you (and your friends!), give out a shout! and contact any member in OWO by typing "/who" while in game and then search by guild; Olde World Order, any member can invite you to OwO.
    You can send an email to; or an in-game mail message to Wartalon (OwO's Forge GM). I will attempt to contact you in game as soon as possible.

Chat at you soon, Wartalon. 
Game on!
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